"So, I met this guy in my economics class. He is cute and has dusty blonde hair. One time he asked me to study with him for our midterm exam and I think we had a lot of chemistry! I am picking up signs that he is into me and I am into him. The only thing is, he told me he has diabetes and I don't know what that means. So I googled diabetes and found CDN and I want to know... what does that mean for me?
Question: When you meet someone or first become friends with someone do you tell them you're a diabetic? When do you feel is the appropriate time and way to tell people? Answers: Zach: Great question! Honestly, it depends on how comfortable you are with sharing that you have diabetes. For myself, I don’t usually bring it up immediately, but if I feel like I need to test my blood sugar or if I have to give insulin, I will do it even if I’m in front of a new person. Usually this causes the… Read more
Diabetes can seem like a huge burden sometimes, and even worse, it can make you feel like you are a burden on those around you. No one likes feeling like they have to be taken care of, but here’s the thing- Diabetes doesn’t make us any less able to take care of ourselves, it just means we might need a little love and support to keep us going through some of the highs and the lows (diabetes pun intended)! You’re not a burden- you’re a bundle of sugary joy and you and your roommate are going to… Read more
I used to be that girl; the girl who was embarrassed by her autoimmune disease. Well not exactly embarrassed, just not willing to open up about it, especially to people of the opposite sex. I was diagnosed with T1D just after my thirteenth birthday. I don’t know that there is a “good age” to be diagnosed with T1D, but in the midst of puberty is definitely not at the top of the list. Already struggling with hormone fluctuations, body changes, and the newfound discovery of boys, diabetes threw a… Read more
KRISTEN LEWIS, CDN ALUMNA The past year has been one of the most difficult of my life. Between car troubles, a stay in the ICU with DKA and my grandma's death I felt like I was drowning. The thing (or should I say person) that kept me afloat happened to be a boy. Someone with whom I shared my heart, my fears, my hopes and my home. Somehow he made it okay, holding me on nights when I cried for the grandma I would never see again or the hospital bill that seemed insurmountable. He tested my… Read more
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