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As you’re probably aware, young adults can be a tough population to reach. CDN’s programs and resources help to supplement clinical care and provide an element of peer support which is currently missing. 

CDN established a Clinical Advisory Committee - an active working group of multi-disciplinary service providers in the diabetes community who have a passion and interest for supporting the young adult population with type 1 diabetes, and who are committed to working with CDN to identify innovative approaches to make the experience of having and managing type 1 diabetes as a young adult easier. The Clinical Advisory Committee held its first official meeting in June 2014, with representatives from disciplines including medicine, nursing, and psychology.  This Committee meets annually at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, and communicates throughout the year via email and conference calls.

Exciting news! CDN's 2017 Student Survey Data was just published in Diabetes Educator. Read the full article, entitled "Positive Health Benefits of Peer Support and Connections for College Students With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus" here. Thank you to AADE and Diabetes Educator for allowing open access of this article until November 2018!

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What we can offer your patients

CDN Chapters

Young adults with diabetes can have the best clinical care and the latest gadgets, but it can all mean nothing without motivation and support. CDN’s model is effective because it is built upon peer support and facilitating the creation of networks to provide it. CDN staff can work directly with your patients to develop a support system on their college campus. 

Check this list to find out if there are any CDN Chapters near you.

Student Rights and Advocacy

Check out our Know Your Rights Webinar we did in collaboration with the ADA and tell your patients about it. It is important for students to be aware of how to advocate for themselves on campus, and the resources available to them.

Off to College

We know that for some, preparing for college is the hardest part. That is why CDN created the Off to College Booklets for parents and students. These booklets cover everything from looking at colleges, to packing, to telling new friends about T1D. You can request hard copies (at no charge) for your office or clinic by clicking here


Get the Word Out

Let your students know about CDN and all it has to offer by having our informational brochures available to your students. We are happy to mail these out to your office or clinic (at no cost).


CDN News!

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 Transition of Care

Pediatrics to Adult

Many young adults struggle with the transition from pediatric to adult care. Here are some of the resources that we've found to be helpful for health care providers helping their patients to make the transition. We also cover this topic in our Off to College Booklets. Request your copies here!


Transition/Off to College events can be extremely helpful to young adults with diabetes. Learn more about hosting an Off to College Event!


A special thanks to our clinical partners:

                                                             AADE      Endocrine Society      NCBDE



Check out the following resources to for even more information and support:

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