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Leadership Opportunities

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If you are passionate about diabetes, we are here for you!
From mentorship to internships, we have all you’ll need to be a leader in the diabetes community.
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Find Your Career Path

If you need to boost you your resume, we can help.
Find jobs and internships with our partners.

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Start a Chapter

We provide all the resources you need to meet other T1Ds on campus,
including funding and resources.


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Attend a Conference with CDN

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Want to work in the medical field or diabetes sector after graduation?

Each year, CDN selects a group of student leaders to attend conferences to network, represent CDN, and learn about the latest research and innovations in diabetes. CDN has taken students to the Endocrine Society Annual Conference, The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Annual Meeting, The American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, and the American Association of Diabetes Educator Annual Meeting!